How Can You Join?

So you're looking to get involved with Scouting? We would love to have you! Whether that be as a Young Person or a Volunteer. Please look below for more info.

If you are a Young Person, then please have a look at Our Groups along with a responsible adult to find which one is right for you. Please bear in mind which section you will be in (you can find more info on this on our Home Page). Once you have found the group and section you would like to join, please ask a responsible adult to contact the group on your behalf. If they cannot contact the group, please ask them to use the email form below.

Young People


We need tea makers,

activity planners,

tidy-uppers and helpers

for as little or as much

time as you can spare.

Group Volunteers


If you are looking to join a group as a Volunteer, please look into which group and section you would be interested in joining. Once you have made your decision, please contact that group directly. If you cannot contact the group, please use the email form below.


District Volunteers

If you are looking to join the District Team as a Volunteer, please use the email form below to see what roles are available, along with a few sentences about why you would like to join the team.